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How do I Find a Book? : 1. Searching

This tutorial will teach you how to search the Library catalogue and shelves for resources.

1. Searching

Quickfind uses a keywords to find articles related to your search terms. To begin your search, start by entering the title of the book you're looking for or some key words. Quickfind doesn't use spellcheck, so make sure your search is spelled correctly.




1.1 Where is Quickfind?

Quickfind can be found on the Dr. John Archer Library home page.

  • To find our home page, scroll to the bottom of the University of Regina's home page and click "Dr. John Archer Library" under the "Current Students" box in green.

1.2 How Does It Work?

Basic searches can be done by using keywords. These keywords can be taken from a book's title or author. If you can't remember the title of the book your looking for, but can remember a few words, try searching with the words you remember.

If you're unable to find what you're looking for, contact us at the Dr. John Archer Library Help Desk:

Library User Services Help Desk


1.3 What is an Advanced Search?

Advanced searches can be helpful when you're looking for a specific subject, but might not have a specific title in mind. To use the advanced search click the Green "Advanced Search" link under the Quickfind search bar.

In an advanced search you can type in keywords related to your topic. This will bring up results connected to the terms you enter.

Here is an example:

For BUS 260 you have been assigned a research project. The project involves creating a report on the labor practices of a major corporation. For your report you chose Coca Cola. To find articles in Quickfind, you might try the following keywords in an advanced search: