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Film and Video: Boolean Operators

Boolean Tutorial

Boolean operators

  • Uses AND and OR commands to refine a search in a database, whether in Quick Find, or a Web search engine like Google or Bing, or one of the journal article databases like ERIC
  • AND narrows a search by adding a new concept e.g. diversity AND education. Only documents with both terms will be retrieved. Google does an automatic AND search – it finds all the terms you type in
  • OR broadens a search by adding synonyms or variations into a concept e.g. diversity OR multicultural. Any of these terms, or any combination, will be retrieved
  • To combine terms with both OR and AND, you use parentheses to group the OR’ed terms -- the synonyms -- together in one set. E.g. (diversity OR multicultural) AND education
  • For further explanation and to see animations of what each Boolean command does, see the University of Lethbridge Library's Boolean page