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Saskatchewan Politics Research Guide: Journals of Legislative Business

A guide to starting research on Saskatchewan Politics

What's the difference?

According to the Legislative Assembly website the following is difference between the various Legislative Records:

The Votes and Proceedings is published daily by the Journals Branch of the Legislative Assembly. It is the official record, in minute form, of the proceedings of the Assembly. Short-form minutes taken by the Clerks-at-the-Table are formalised by the Journals Clerks and entered in the Votes and Proceedings. Included in the Votes are notations on the debates conducted, the initial notices for Bills and motions, progress made on Bills, amendments to Bills, sessional papers tabled, petitions presented, recorded votes and statements and rulings made by the Speaker and other presiding officers. In essence, the Votes and Proceedings is a record of all business that is done in the Assembly and should be distinguished from the Debates and Proceedings (Hansard), which is an unofficial record of everything that is said in the Assembly. At the end of each session the Votes and Proceedings are consolidated into the Journal.


The journals of legislative business are essentially summaries of the transactions of the legislature for a particular period.  You will find the following information within them:  the presentation of bills and their course through the various readings, votes on bills including lists of members who voted for or against (yeas / nays), summaries of questions asked to the government and the answers given to them.  If you want: transcripts of particular speeches see the section on Hansard.  If you want the resulting legislation see Statutes.

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