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Biology: Finding Books

Books at the University of Regina

Searching for Books

Use Quick Find to find books (including e-books) at the University of Regina Library, Campion College Library, Luther College Library, First Nations University Library, and online.

Quick Find offers two search modes: Basic Search and Advanced Search.

  • In Basic Search, you initiate a search by entering keywords. When you get a list of search results, look for Resource Type to the left of the list, and click on the word Books under it. This leaves only books in your search results.
  • In Advanced Search you have options when you enter your keywords, such as limiting the search to a specific field (e.g. title, author, ISBN). You can limit your search results to books by selecting books from the Material Type menu, or by using the same method as is used in Basic Search (described above).

Browsing Guide for Biology Books

Printed biology books in the University of Regina Library (except for reference books) are located on the 4th floor in the call number range QH1 - QR502. Within this range are smaller ranges where you will find books on various topics within the field of biology.

Some related browsing areas are:
          oceanography: GC
          environmental science: GE
          human ecology and anthropogeography: GF

Keep in mind that many of the books in the University of Regina collection are online only—you won't find them on the shelves.

Here is a further breakdown of the call numbers QH - QR:

QH: Core topics and miscellaneous topics
          QH1 - QH199.5
— Natural history, nature conservation
                  QH31 — Naturalists (Charles Darwin, Louis Agassiz, etc.)
          QH201 - QH278.5 — Microscopy
          QH301 - QH351 — General
          QH352 — Population biology
          QH353 — Biological invasions; invasive species
          QH359 - QH425 — Evolution
          QH426 - QH470 — Genetics
          QH471 - QH489 — Reproduction
          QH501 - QH531 — Life
          QH540 - QH549.5 — Ecology
          QH573 - QH671 — Cytology

QK: Botany
          QK474.8 - QK495
— Spermatophyta (Seed plants)
          QK504 - QK638 — Cryptogams (Plants & plant-like organisms that reproduce by means of spores)
          QK640 - QK707 — Plant anatomy
          QK710 - QK899 — Plant physiology
          QK900 - QK989 — Plant ecology

QL: Zoology
          QL1 - QL355
— General
          QL360 - QL599.82 — Invertebrates
                    QL461 - QL599.82 — Insects
          QL605 - QL739.8 — Vertebrates
                    QL614 - QL639.8 — Fishes
                    QL640 - QL669.3 — Reptiles and amphibians
                    QL671 - QL699 — Birds
                    QL700 - QL739.8 — Mammals
          QL750 - QL795 — Animal behaviour
          QL799 - QL799.5 — Morphology
          QL801 - QL950.9 — Anatomy
          QL951 - QL991 — Embryology 

QM: Human anatomy
          QM1 - QM511 — General human anatomy
          QM531 - QM549 — Regional anatomy
          QM550 - QM577.8 — Human and comparative histology
          QM601 - QM695 — Human embryology

QP: Physiology
          QP1 - QP345
— General
          QP351 - QP495 — Neurophysiology & neuropsychology
          QP501 - QP801 — Animal biochemistry
          QP901 - QP981 — Experimental pharmacology 

QR: Microbiology
          QR1 - QR74.5
— General
          QR75 - QR99.5 — Bacteria
          QR99.6 - QR99.8 — Cyanobacteria
          QR100 - QR130 — Microbial ecology
          QR171 — Microorganisms in the animal body
          QR180 - QR189.5 — Immunology
          QR355 - QR502 — Virology

Books at Other Libraries

There are many biology books that are not owned by the University of Regina Library. You may request any book that is not owned by the U of R via Interlibrary Loan.

Here are some resources to identify books not owned by the U of R:

Off-Campus Library Services

If you both live and study outside of Regina, check out the guide below.