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History Research Guide: The Reference Shelf

This guide is to help students and faculty who are interested in studying history. You will find suggestions for finding books, articles, and other research resources in history.

Where's That Reference?

Gotta Look It Up!

Reference Books

The following reference books are available electronically.  Simply click on the link and sign in.  You can search each of the books for a particular subject or browse alphabetically.

Historical Fact


 The Titanic carried 1,750 quarts of ice cream, 17,000 pounds of meat , 10,000 pounds of cereal, and 40,000 eggs on it's maiden voyage. This was the voyage during which it  it sank in the Atlantic on April 14, 1912.

What Are Reference Books Anyway?

A reference book is used to find information of a specific type and is usually meant to be referred to quickly for a few facts.  You don't normally read a reference book from start to finish. That's the reason reference books can't be checked out of the library. They are intended to be referred to for brief information.