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Online quizzes and tutorials to help hone your APA citation skills.


The American Psychological Association’s (APA) Style Guide is widely used on the University of Regina campus and beyond, by disciplines including Psychology, Education, Social Work, and KHS, among others. This session will provide an overview of the key features of APA Style, opportunities to practice formatting references in APA, as well as suggestions for useful resources and strategies for approaching “tough to cite” sources.

This research guide provides links to various online quizzes and tutorials on APA citation.

7th Edition

The 7th Edition of the APA Publication Manual (available at the Archer Library Help Desk) was released in October, 2019.  There are several notable changes in citation and referencing in the 7th edition.  

1. The location of the publisher is no longer included in book references.

2. The first in-text citation for a work with 3 or more authors is now shortened to the first author's name and "et al.". 

3. The names of up to 20 authors (rather than 7) are listed in the references.  

4. DOIs are formatted the same as URLs; the DOI: label is no longer used.

5. URLs do not need to be preceded by "Retrieved from", unless there is a retrieval date.  The name of the website should be included, and web page titles are italicized.  

6. Ebook platforms or formats do not need to be included (eg. Kindle).

7. The manual now includes a section on how to cite the traditional knowledge or oral traditions of indigenous peoples (section 8.9).


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