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W23 Business 100-001/031 (Elliott/in-person)

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Introductory videos (Start Here and Meet Your Librarian) can be found on the left side of this page.

Assignment documents (Blank Assignment and Example Assignment) are found directly below.

Scroll down for all other videos (APA Citation, Company Information, Industry Information, and News & Media).

Blank Assignment and Example Assignment

APA for Business

This video will cover citation for this assignment. Scroll down for additional tips, links, and information.

For assignments in Business 100, citation according to the American Psychology Association (APA) has two parts:

1) In-text citation

2) Reference list

The in-text citation is short, in parentheses, and comes immediately after any quotation, fact, number, or idea that came from your research.

The reference list is a list of every resource you used for quotations, facts, numbers or ideas. It includes detailed information on each resource, should be on a separate page, and is in alphabetical order.

Company Information (video)

Industry Information (video)

News & Media (video)