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Anti-Oppression Book Club: Fall 2022

Selection of this Semester

A.E. Osworth is a transgender author, and according to the publisher: "This is an extraordinary, unputdownable novel that explores the dark recesses of the Internet and male rage, and the fragile line between the online world and real life. It's a thrilling story of female resilience and survival, packed with a powerful feminist message".

Content Warning

Please be aware that this novel contains graphic content including but not limited to:
-  Violence towards adults
-  Sexual violence towards adults
-  Harm to animals
-  Graphic and offensive language

Meetings - Reading Plan

Multiple sessions for this book are intended to provide opportunities for greater discussion for different sections of the novel, and you are welcome to attend any or all sessions. It is not a requirement to read the whole book or specific book chapters for each session. The reading of the book chapters for each session is only a guideline and not a condition to join the conversation.
October 20 : Chapter 1 - 30

November 3 : Chapter 31 - 60
November 17 : Chapter 61 - 90
December 1 : Chapter 91 - 123

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Upcoming meetings (2:00pm-3:00pm):

Fall 2022

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