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Walter Raff Endowment Collections Policy: Guidelines

General Considerations

3.1 Subject coverage

English literature, western European history and philosophy. Refer to related collections policies as available, e.g. Philosophy.

3.2 Languages


3.3 Chronological periods

None, although in English literature the Victorian age is given some emphasis, reflecting the donor's own interest in the period.

3.4 Publication date

The majority of acquisitions are of current or fairly recently-published materials. 

3.5 Geographic areas

The scope note for Western Europe in the Library of Congress Subject Headings is used to demarcate the area: "the region that includes Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, and Italy, and is sometimes expanded to include Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and Austria." LCSH defines Scandinavia as "the region composed of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, and sometimes expanded to include Finland and Iceland."

3.6 Formats