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Religious Studies Collections Policy: Religious Studies Program

Religious Studies Dept.

Programs include a BA (major, honours and minor) and MA in Religious Studies. A minor in Catholic Studies is available through Campion College. The Faculty of Education discontinued its Secondary Religious Education minor (EREL) as of Fall 2014. Other departments in Arts offering courses examining aspects of religion include Anthropology, History, Philosophy, and Sociology:

ANTH 305 Anthropology of Religion

ANTH 890AO Anthropology of Religion

HIST 290AB Modern Christian Social Thought
HIST 368 History of Popular Religion in the Middle Ages
HIST 370 European Reformations
HIST 390AF History of the Jesuits
HIST 890AY Martin Luther: His life, Thought and Influence

HIST 890BC Topics in Jesuit History

PHIL 242 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 244 Philosophical Study of Angels

PHIL Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas

SOC 209 Religion and Society

Research Interests

Current faculty research interests