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Classics Collections Policy: Classics Program

Philosophy and Classics Dept.

Programs include a major in Classical and Medieval Studies and a minor in Classical Studies. Other departments in Arts offering courses concerned with the classics include History, Philosophy, Politics and International Studies, and Religious Studies; in Fine Arts, Theatre and Visual Arts both provide courses dealing with the classics. Offerings vary over time but are indicative of the variety of courses provided by other departments:

ART 201 Prehistoric and Ancient Art

ART 209AA Art of the Roman Empire

HIST 261 Introduction to Ancient Greece
HIST 262 Introduction to Ancient Rome
HIST 460 Ancient History: Theory and Practice
HIST 464 Roman Social History

HIST 890BA Housing and Society in Roman Britain

PHIL 210 Pre-Socratics and Plato
PHIL 211 Aristotle and Later Greek Philosophy
PHIL 310AA Plato
PHIL 310AJ Socrates
PHIL 312 Aristotle's Ethics I
PHIL 412 Aristotle's Ethics II
PHIL 880AI History of Ancient Political Thought

PHIL 880AS Plato: Love. Pleasure. Sophistry

PSCI 310 Ancient Political Thought

RLST 215 Religions of Greece and Rome
RLST 415 Studies in Religions of Greece and Rome
RLST 490BD Advanced Hellenistic Religions

RLST 847 Advanced Studies in Ancient Religions

THEA 300 Ancient and Medieval Theatre/Drama
THEA 300AA Studies in Greek and Roman Theatre
WGST 390AG Reading Gender in Ancient Greek Literature

Research Interests

Current research interests of members of the Philosophy and Classics Dept.