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Globalization: Databases

A guide for studying globalization. This guide would be of valuable for students studying globalization from the disciplinary perspectives of Sociology, Political Science, International Studies, Justice Studies and Journalism.

Full List of Databases

The Dr. John Archer subscribes to a number of databases which will be useful for research on issues related to globalization.  Although these databases may be found in a number of disciplines it is probably best to start with the political science resources below or to try one of the recommended databases at right.


For a full list of political science databases click here and select "political science" from the pull down menu.

Selected Databases

Do you want to search for articles pertaining to globalization but are not sure which database to use?  The following list contains databases that are good for globalization research.  For more specific databases use the link in the left hand box for the full list presently available.  For research in periodicals and newspapers look at the links in the box below this one.

Newspapers and Periodicals