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Devised Theatre

This guide gathers together materials and resources pertaining to devised theatre.


Welcome to the guide for Devised Theatre at the University of Regina.

This guide is designed as a resource for students, faculty, and practitioners. It is hosted by the University of Regina’s Archer Library. This guide us a resource where interested parties can find books, articles, websites, and videos pertaining to the ever-evolving field of Devised Theatre. It covers topics such as Performance Creation, Collective Creation, Socially-Engaged Theatre, Applied Theatre, Improvisation, Site-Specific Performance, Design-Led Creation, and many others that explore means of creating and performing that work against the dominance of text as practiced in mainstream/conventional theatre. With a global perspective and a Canadian emphasis, this guide brings together a wide range of resources to enlighten and inspire.

This resource is conceived as a living document; hence we will continue to update it. We welcome input from its users. Should you have any additional resources you would like to be featured, feel free to contact the Theatre Librarian: 

Use the left sidebar to navigate this guide. Pages include:

  • Devised Theatre at the University of Regina
    Learn about the Devised Theatre program at the University of Regina, the Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance (MAP), and the team behind this guide.
  • Dr. John Archer Library Resources
    Resources (books, articles, streaming media, etc.) available to current staff and students at the University of Regina.
  • Web Resources
    Resources from around the world of devised theatre.
    • Companies (Canadian)
    • Companies (International)
    • Podcasts and Videos
    • Productions and Reviews
  • Annotated Bibliography
    An annotated bibliography of articles, books, and other resources on devised theatre for scholars and practitioners.