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F22 Business 100-002/022/032/322 (Tariq)

Start Here

Your assigned company will be posted here at the start of class on October 11th.

The videos and instructions in this guide, as well as the instructions in the assignment documents below, will guide you through doing the assignment. Live help will also be available in person and via Zoom during class time on October 11th.

On October 6th and 11th, the in-person class will be in the Wascana and Regina Rooms of the Archer Library (LY 107.32/33 -- back of the main floor of the Archer Library). For the remote class, the Zoom link is the same as your regular class.

For help outside of class, you can contact the Library Help Desk ( or contact the Business Librarian (

The video below will guide you through the steps to complete this assignment. The blank assignment document you will fill in for this assignment, as well as an example assignment, are posted below the video. Also on this page:

  • Librarian introduction video (hi!)
  • Ask Archer instant chat
  • Librarian contact information
  • Troubleshooting for online access
  • General help links

Blank Assignment and Example Assignment

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If you're connecting from off campus, most resources should automatically direct you to the proxy page to authenticate your account; then you'll be forwarded automatically to the resource you requested.

If you have any problems accessing Library materials, visit the troubleshooting guide.

If you're having other technical difficulties (e.g. with your own device or software) you can contact Information Services or check out the hub for remote learning support.

Help and Research Support

The Library can help you to find information for your assignment. Please note that the Library cannot proofread or look over your assignment (for this service, contact the Student Writing Centre).

Help is available during Library opening hours from the Library Help Desk - this includes online chat, and face-to-face (main floor, Archer Library, drop-in during opening hours or make an appointment).