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3D printing at the Archer Library


3D printing is a process for making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model by laying down many successive thin layers of a material in an additive process.

Interested in printing something? Visit our web page for the web form (requests) and general FAQ information.

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3D Printing Presentation (Recording and PDF Download)

What is 3D Printing?

In January 2023 Archer Library upgraded from a MakerBot 5th Generation and Makerbot Z18 to an Ultimaker S3.  Sadly the MakerBots had printed their last designs in Fall 2022, as the technology moves quickly forward.  The Ultimaker S3 is a dual-filament printer capable of printing a solid colour or dual-colour merged design.  The Library's 3D printers use PLA (polylactic acid) plastic. PLA is derived from plant-based materials, effectively a kind of corn starch, and is the least toxic of 3D printing options on the modern market.  The process of printing is essentially plastic filament being melted and thinly layered from the bass line upward to create a 3D object.

Informational and Printing Videos

3D Print Samples - Ultimaker S3 - All Designs From

Baby Grogu, Black PLA & Printer

Spider Coaster, Blue PLA and Clear PVA

Spider Comb, Layered White and Black PLA with Raft on Glass Plate

Spider Comb, Layered White and Black PLA, Raft Removed

Adapted-code Multi-colour Filament Change Sample, Star Wars characters.

Die, Black and White PLA, Merged Print (Dual-Colour), on Raft in Printer

Bat Symbol, Thin Black PLA

Owlbear, Green PLA sample with feather detail.

Paw Patrol Dog, Yellow PLA

Baby Groot, Black PLA, Image Scaled at 1000%

Stomtrooper Uniform, Black and White PLA, Merged (Dual-Colour), Scaled Down

Han Solo in Carbonite, Black and White Merged PLA (Scaled Down)

Yoda, Green PLA With Fine Detail

Game of Thrones Dragon on Pedestal, Black and White Merged PLA (with error and reparation)

Neverending Story Auryn Symbol, Mid-Print

Neverending Story Auryn Symbol, Black and White Layered PLA, Side View with Supports

Neverending Story Auryn Symbol, Black and White Layered PLA, Top View (Supports Included)

Bunny, Magenta PLA sample.

Moon Phase Earrings, Multi-Print White PLA sample.

Cat Statuette, Black PLA sample.

Book Holder, Black PLA sample.

Book Holder Example