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RLST 227: Jesus the Christ (Helewa, Winter 2024): Citing Your Sources

Citation resources

Below are a number of citation resources to assist you in citing sources in your assignments for this class.

Please feel free to contact the librarian with any citation questions. 

Image of a medallion with Christ's image.

Medallion with Christ from an Icon Frame, ca. 1100 (Constantinople). Gold, silver, and enamel worked in cloisonné.

This image is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Open Access collection.

Chicago Style (Notes and Bibliography)

MLA Style

  • MLA has an excellent e-resource that we subscribe to at the U of R. This contains virtually the same information as the print handbook, but can be accessed remotely using your uregina username and password.
  • The print MLA Handbook (9th edition) can be found in the Reference sections of all campus libraries