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RLST 245 Research Paper (F. V. Greifenhagen): Ebook ideas (Commentaries)


The Old Testament Guide

Knowles, Andrew


The Oxford Bible Commentary

Barton, John and John Muddiman (eds.)

An Introduction to the Old Testament: Sacred Texts and Imperial Contexts of the Hebrew Bible

Carr, David McLain

How to Read the Bible

Brettler, Marc Zvi

Introducing the Women's Hebrew Bible: Feminism, Gender Justice and the Study of the Old Testament

Scholz, Susanne

The New Oxford Annotated Bible: New Revised Standard Version: with the Apocrypha: An Ecumenical Study Bible

Coogan, Michael D., ed.

The Believer and the Modern Study of the Bible

Brandes, Yehudah, et al., (eds.)

Studies in the Text of the Old Testament: An Introduction to the Hebrew Old Testament Text Project

Barthelemy, Dominique

The JPS Rashi Discussion Torah Commentary

Levy, Steven and Sarah Levy



Hosea: A Commentary Based on Hosea in Codex Vaticanus

Glenny, W. Edward

Genesis 12-50

Moberly, R. W. L

The Text of Genesis 1-11: Textual Studies and Critical Edition

Hendel, Ronald S.

Creation, Un-creation, Re-creation: A Discursive Commentary on Genesis 1-11

Blenkinsopp, Joseph

Genesis 1-11: Tales of the Earliest World

Good, Edwin


Meyers, Carol L.


Johnstone, W.

Exodus: A Commentary on the Greek Text of Codex Vaticanus

Gurtner, Daniel M.

Leviticus: An Introduction and Commentary

Sklar, Jay

A Life Changing Encounter with God's Word from the Books of Leviticus & Numbers


Thompson, Deanna A.

Deuteronomy: A Commentary

Nelson, Richard D.

Judges: A Commentary

Niditch, Susan 

Judges: A Life Changing Encounter with God's Word

1 & 2 Samuel

Jensen, David Hadley

I & II Samuel :A Commentary

Auld, A. Graeme

A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word from the Books of 1 & 2 Samuel

The Targumic Toseftot to Ezekiel

Damsma, Alinda

I & II Kings: A Commentary

Sweeney, Marvin A.


Grabbe, Lester L.

Interpreting the Wisdom Books: An Exegetical Handbook

Curtis, Edward M


Hunter, Alastair G.

The Psalms: A Historical and Spiritual Commentary with an Introduction and New Translation

Eaton, John H.

Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra's Commentary on the First Book of Psalms: Chapters 1-41

Ibn Ezra, Abraham and Norman H. Strickman


Martin, James

Proverbs: An Eclectic Edition with Introduction and Textual Commentary

Fox, Michael

Proverbs and Ecclesiastes: A Theological Commentary on the Bible

Pauw, Amy Plantinga

Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon

Wright, J. Robert and Thomas C. Oden, eds.

Koheleth: His Language and Thought

Whitley, Charles Francis

Gregory of Nyssa: Homilies on the Song of Songs

Norris, Richard A.

Isaiah for Everyone

Goldingay, John

Isaiah 1-39

Oden, Thomas C.

The Message of Isaiah 40-55: A Literary-Theological Commentary

Goldingay, John

Jeremiah: A Commentary

Allen, Leslie C.


McKeating, Henry 

A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on Lamentations

Salters, Robert B.

Jonah & Lamentations

Salters, R. B.

Lamentations through the Centuries

Joyce, Paul M and Diana Lipton



Davies, Philip R.

Daniel: A Commentary

Newsom, Carol A.

Joel: Scope, Genre(s) and Meaning

Troxel, Ronald L.

Amos: A Commentary Based on Amos in Codex Vaticanus

Glenny, W. Edward

Jonah and the Meaning of our Lives: A Verse-by-Verse Contemporary Commentary

Bob, Steven M.

Micah: A Commentary

Mays, James Luther

The Book of Micah: Introduction and Commentary

McKane, William

A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word: Minor Prophets 2: Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah & Malachi

Faith Amid the Ruins: The Book of Habakkuk

Thomas, Heath A. and Craig G. Bartholomew

Trinity, Economy and Scripture: Recovering Didymus the Blind

Hicks, Jonathan





Lim, Bo H., Daniel Castelo

Ruth: A Guide to Reading Biblical Hebrew

Howell, Adam J.


McKeown, James

The Babylonian Esther Midrash: A Critical Commentary 

Segal, Elizabeth

The Chronicler's Genealogies Towards an Understanding of 1 Chronicles 1-9

Sparks, James T.

1 and 2 Chronicles. 

Johnstone, William

The Rewritten Joshua Scrolls from Qumran: Texts, Translations, and Commentary

Feldman, Ariel