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RLST 245 Research Paper (F. V. Greifenhagen): Finding books

Finding Commentaries

The easiest way to search Quick Find for biblical commentaries is through an Advanced Search, but only if you enter your search terms in a specific way.  On the Library homepage, click Advanced Search, then select Subject from the first Search Term drop down menu.  In this search bar, type:

Bible [your specific Biblical book]

On the second line of search terms, type:


Filter your results as needed on the right side of the screen.

Most of our biblical commentaries are available in print only.  On this LibGuide page, you'll see a tab titled Ebook Ideas (Commentaries) that links you to the few commentaries we have as ebooks.  If you do not live in Regina and are unable to come in and borrow our physical commentaries, you will also find a box below titled Requesting Access to Printed Material that guides you through the various ways to request access to those physical copies.

The video below will demonstrate a commentary search in Quick Find.

Basic Search

When searching for books, you'll use the Quick Find catalogue (see Where to Start tab).  Once there, type in your keyword(s) or search terms and then limit your results (on the left) to Books under Resource Type.

You can further limit your results by publication date, subject, language, home library, etc. as needed.

Your list of results will include both ebooks and print books in all four of the academic libraries on campus.

Click on the image below to learn how to use a basic search to find and access an ebook in our catalogue.

For more tips and video tutorials on using Quick Find, please see Archer Library's Quick Find LibGuide.

Finding Critical Works

In the academic world, the word "criticism" has a slightly different definition.  When we refer to "criticism" or a "critical source," it often means an analysis of a literary or artistic work - an evaluation of the work's characteristics.  Much like commentaries, critical works and interpretations of specific biblical texts can be easily found in Quick Find using an Advanced Search.  Use the same pattern of entering your search terms as Commentaries, except enter Criticism instead of Commentaries.  Again, some of the books on your results page will be available electronically, but many are only available in print and you may need to request access to them (using the instructions on this page).

This video will demonstrate how to search for critical works on a biblical text.



Advanced Search

An Advanced Search is useful when needing to string together more than one keyword with search operator words, like and, or or not.

An Advanced Search can also help you locate items by title, author, and more.

Click on the image below for a video that will demonstrate how to do an Advanced Keyword search, a Title search and an Author search.

For more tips and video tutorials about using Quick Find, see Archer Library's Quick Find LibGuide.

Requesting access to printed material

All U of R Libraries are open and stacks are available for browsing.  If you wish to obtain a physical item (printed book, dvd, etc.) from any campus library, you can visit that library, find the item on its shelf, and take it to that library's borrowing desk to check it out.

If you live outside of Regina, or are otherwise unable to come to campus to retrieve printed library material, you can request books for:

  • pick-up at the library of your choice (please note that there may be several days transit time if items have to be sent from their home library to the pick-up location you have chosen).
  • mail delivery to your home (for addresses outside of Regina, but within Canada, only)
  • digital delivery (if you know which pages or chapter number you need). Note:due to copyright regulations, we cannot provide an electronic scan of an entire book, nor can we digitize any sections of commercial textbooks.

See the videos below to learn how to place these requests in Quick Find.