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Queries are useful analysis strategies/tools that you can use to examine your data in NVivo throughout the research process. 

One simple way of conducting queries if you don't know what query you need but you know what you want to analyze is with the Query Wizard (for Windows computers)

Click here to learn more about why you would want to run queries for your research project

Types of Queries

Finds an occurrence of a word, or concept throughout your project or just in a selected case of files. More information on Text Search Queries.

Lists the most frequently occurring words or concepts throughout your research project materials or a selection of research materials. For more information about Word Frequency Queries.

Finds content coded at nodes or a combination of nodes and attributes. For more information about Coding Queries.

Finding coding intersections between two lists of items. For more information about Matrix Coding Queries.

Displays the distribution of coding across cases and demographic attributes. For more information about Crosstab Queries.

Used to combine a text search and a coding query, two coding queries or two text search queries. For more information about Compound Queries. 

This query compares the coding done by two coders or groups of coders. For more information about Coding Comparison Queries.

Finds items associated by coding, attribute value and relationships. For more information about Group Queries.