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1.  Open the the media well on the table and remove the round PUCK.

2.  Turn the television on by switching the on switch located above the table well.

3.  Connect the PUCK to your laptop with the cable you will find in the table well.  The PUCK will glow.

4.  Share what's on you laptop screen by pressing the PUCK. The PUCK will turn green.

5.  By pressing the PUCK (Personal User Control Key) your laptop content is immediately shared on the television monitor allowing you and others to share you infromation with your project team.

See this brochure  for  a detailed  diagram of full Media:scape setup.

It shows in detail how to connect multiple laptops to the Media:scape Pucks and the television screen.

Media:scape Instruction Video

The Library has four  group study rooms which have the  Media:scape videoconferencing collaboration system available. Project teams can book these rooms to connect their laptops and share their laptop screen content and digital informaiton with each other on the large television monitors.

View this video to get started.

Media:scape Locations in the Dr. John Archer Library

Media:scape videoconferencing systems are located in four group study  rooms on the main floor of the Dr. John Archer Library in Rooms 107.24, 107.26, 107.28, 107.30.   Each room has seating for 4 to 5 and includes whiteboards, and wireless access.

These rooms can be booked in person at the Micro/AV Desk or the Borrowing Desk, or by phoning 306-585-5102 or 306-585-4133, or by email to

Library Group Study Room with Media:scape


Typical Group interaction with the Media:scape

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